Challenges to black women’s reproductive rights

April 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

After reading this essay and discussing it in class I still feel the media plays a  large role in how the black women are viewed in our society. The typical stereotype displayed by the media through these women is usually that they are on welfare, they are reproducing a lot of babies with many different fathers and just being an all around bad mother. For me, this is all I see because I do not know of any black woman who is a single mother that is pregnant. I know that there are many hard working women out there who can afford to have children and provide for their families.

Any children at all is expensive not necessarily only single, black women who have many children live in poverty but many white families do as well. The economy has gotten worse and children are expensive. Professor David stated in class that black women are known to be “hyper-reproductive.” I believe this is a good term to use for these women. My question that I still am unsure about is how can the government in Asia have control over the woman only having one child and in American all these women are having babies and then being put on welfare because they can not afford them? I hate the limit the amount of children you can have policy but the women who continue to have babies and are being displayed through the media that they can not take care of them. How do we resolve this issue?


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