Changed (on campus lecture assignment)

April 16, 2012 § Leave a comment

I went to the LGBTQIA film festival put on by the NOGLSTP and watched the film “Changed”. The film was about a black teenage boy living in California. It was around the time that Obama was elected president and that Proposition 8 was passed. The boy’s name was Jamie and he was gay. In the film, he had a group of friends who didn’t know he was gay because he hid it from them. His family didn’t approve of gay marriage which is what Proposition 8 was about. In the end of the film, the group of friends finds out that Jamie is gay and one of his friends punches him in the face and then the screen goes black and the film is over. I enjoyed the movie and found the ending very powerful. I wasn’t surprised by the film at all. I am from a small town where being homosexual is not acceptable, so I have experienced the kind of thinking that was portrayed in the movie. Even though I have seen these reactions from people, they still sadden me. I don’t think that people should be judged in that way and I definitely don’t like seeing hate crimes being committed toward people who are homosexual. I think more people should see this film so that it can open up their eyes to what is really going on in the world toward people who are gay or just different in general. I think it would shock a lot of people to see this film.

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