Reproductive issues for asian-american communities

April 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

After discussing in class about this essay I was still in shock of how a government could control the amount of children a woman could have. I understand the reason for this matter but to limit the amount of children being produced is just very invading and wrongful of the government. Although in this essay they discussed the issues of the asian-american communities that were getting neglected by the doctors. I agree with the fact that if we were not comfortable with the doctor or nurse taking care of us because of different gender or race for the asian community. I feel as though America should respond to these issues because they are reproducing and it can lead to abortions. I have always been pro-life in the matter of abortions but hearing how the women in their communities are being neglected would lead them to go through with these procedures.

We also talked about the language barriers in our discussion. I understand their is a language barrier but having someone translate or even speak the language will make them for comfortable and susceptible to visiting the doctor. Healthcare providers should be more aware of more asian populated or any race populated community in order to provide for the need of those in that specific community. They should have the option of male or female and some type of doctor that they feel comfortable with. The government has to many restraints over the communities and these issues need to be resolved.

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  • singh0321 says:

    While most people who live in the Western nations would probably agree with you that the one-child policy you are referring to in China is wrong and intrusive, you need to understand that people in other parts of the world think differently. The last statistic I read was that 76% percent of Chinese nationals approve of the one child policy. China is four times the population of the United States, so if a policy like this was not introduced, the country would be far more overpopulated than it already is and that would just lead to higher levels of poverty.

    I agree with your statement that the government needs to take greater action in providing women in this country more opportunity to gain knowledge about their reproductive rights. I feel as if the United States has never really taken any real measures in helping its citizens when it comes to social issues. European countries have already addressed these issue’s a long time ago and I feel America needs to start looking out more for its citizens instead of spending all its money on foreign projects.

    I also agree with your statement about how we need to do a better job helping those who do not speak English. Not knowing the native language of the country you live in can make the simplest things look hard. Since these Asian immigrants did not speak English, entering these health centers was probably very nerve reckoning for them. My personal belief is that hospitals need to hire more doctors that are bilingual. While it is impossible to have a staff of doctors that know every language, I feel they should at least higher doctors that speak the more popular languages. For those patients that speak lesser known languages, the hospital should do whatever they can to help the patient feel more comfortable and understand whatever they want to acquire. This can be achieved by using pamphlets with pictures to help them better understand the reproductive process or using modern technology like the computer to show them visual depictions of the entire process.

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