End of Semester Thoughts

May 6, 2012 § Leave a comment


I have now finished reviewing all of your blog posts, comments, links, etc. for the entirety of the semester and, whew! More than 350 entries were logged for this blog site, and because of the sheer number of responses, I found it difficult to keep up with your musings in real time. That said, however, I had fun (not usually a word I associate with grading) reading and re-reading your posts and comments during the past week. I am thrilled when students begin posts by saying “I’ve never thought of this before” or “This essay opened my eyes.” For those of you who will pursue careers as teachers, you will know how truly satisfying this sentiment is. I’d like to say, I appreciate the earnestness most of you put forth in this project throughout the year. You posted videos, expressed yourselves, posed questions to your peers, and shared your personal experiences. Thank you. I also enjoyed the civil debate over various issues. It is important for us to be able to dialogue from our various vantage points, and I hope you see this exercise as participating in that process. For what its worth, I feel that my first foray into a project like this has been a success, although I will be adapting this assignment in future semesters. (Any thoughts and suggestions on ways to improve this project, please feel free to offer suggestions below.)

As you know, I intend to keep this blog active, and may eventually have other student bloggers add to it. If you do not want to receive updates to this blog or wish to be taken off the list as an authorized author, just email me at any time, and I’ll take you off the list. (I won’t take it personally.) However, if you wish to continue these conversations with me and others into the future, let’s do it! I will do my best to participate and respond when you post. Feel free to share this space with others who might like to read what we’ve discussed during the past semester.

Be well, and have a safe summer.

Prof. David


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