Women Soldiers

April 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

I was quite unaware of the things that women soldiers go through when fighting for our freedoms. This whole idea of being there like a piece of meat for the men, makes me sick. The one woman stated she carried a knife, but it was for protection from her own people. How can we do this to our own? And why has nothing been done? Women’s right, again, being looked over or forgotten about. I still can’t get over the amount of rape that goes on in the services. And it is never spoke of, maybe the reason that I have never heard of this issue. Something must be done. There needs to be more knowledge and awareness of this issue. We should be supporting and helping those who are fighting for our freedoms. I’m sure it is very hard to monitor, especially when we are in different countries. But to think that our soldiers cannot have the respect for another human being is extremely sad.


§ One Response to Women Soldiers

  • I think that war time and the atmosphere of war is very damaging, and turns soldiers into people who they would not be in society. I do not understand the system put into place by our government that is supposed to be protecting its people, and women who are apart of this battle are not only at risk of being violated and injured by the enemy but by its own people as well. I think this is extremely sad and something needs to be done, and the first step is the army admitting that there is an issue and that they are going to address it and put policies into place to help.

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