Who’s Free?

April 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

It appears as though by any form or another, institutions will constantly attempt to oppress women the right to their own choice, to “guide” them in the right direction, and construct clear differences between types of women. It’s disturbing  and a shame to see that Black women are always stereotyped or portrayed for either being poor,  a drug addict, a video vixen, a woman with lots of children, a woman who gets pregnant just to receive a check, senseless and ignorant, irresponsible, promiscuous, and as lower than any other race. Growing up around the South side of Chicago, I familiarized myself with the people and would speak with them about ordinary topics. Yes, many women are single and have at least two children, but they work hard in order to provide for their family. They aren’t as scary or dumb as people think. I even remember telling someone that I grew up on the South side and will never forget their face when they said, “Are you serious??” As if it were a joke or horror movie, but, that’s a discussion for another time…

I love how the author brought up the fact that women’s children or child-bearing ability in slavery times were viewed as economic value. If we look back in time, Black people in general were used for the sole purpose of wealth, so why would we be surprised to learn that their children were also used as an assured way of getting that money? America has always been greedy for money regardless of the consequences, so now that there are too many underrepresented single mothers on welfare and too many mouths to feed, the cost to “support” and “help” goes up, and who’s the first to be effected by this continuous money-hungry, capitalist game? The poor, single underrepresented mothers, of course. How does this make any sense? And as I’ve stated over and over again this semester… why are people so oblivious to this? To tear a child away from his/her mother on the basis of a stereotype or assumption makes me sick and really makes me question the whole “America: Land of the Free” idea. She surely didn’t get this land or build upon it for free, so who’s really free other than the small percentage of high-class?


§ One Response to Who’s Free?

  • akugler says:

    I agree with the idea of no one truly being free. The government has so many different stipulations and control over what we do. Many of these ideas of black women are rooted from what white Americans forced onto them during slavery. Women didn’t have control over having a child or not, but it’s not just as simple as having a child. There is a connection and bond that is created. This idea of large families is passed down through generations. White Americans created this large family stereotype of Black families and now they are also criticizing it.

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