United Nations Advertisement Addressing Racism

April 27, 2012 § 6 Comments

I found this advertisement on racism and thought I’d share it…


§ 6 Responses to United Nations Advertisement Addressing Racism

  • bibliogay says:

    It definitely gets the message across. At first you aren’t sure what to expect and then suddenly it looks as if the cream that woman is applying is some kind of byproduct from a McDonald’s. Slightly terrifying.

  • taryngerson says:

    I was really intrigued by this message because not only was it talking about racism but it also touched on the issue of inner beauty and how you are as a person on the inside. I think that the message of racism was interesting because I wasnt sure they were going to touch on the color of your skin, and once the message came on at the end, it was really effective and a creative way to talk about the issue. I also think that visual aspects of this are very effective as well because the message is short and gets the point across.

  • nurumu says:

    I was highly confused in the beginning as to what she was putting on her face, but I wonder, is this ad shown on TV? And if so, how often? I feel like this is a very effective way of teaching everyone about the negative consequences of racism. They should make so many more of these relating to all discrimination and stereotypes!

  • akugler says:

    This is definitely a different approach to facing racism. I too was really confused at the beginning, but maybe that is a good thing. It captures the audience’s attention and then they are intrigued to watch the rest of the clip. I think I gets the message across pretty clearly.

  • bh143kh says:

    What’d you guys think about the fact that it uses a young white woman instead of someone else or instead of using multiple people of ranging ages, races, and sexes?

  • I think the ad over-simplifies what racism is by equating it with a single product. Because racism is so complicated in how it is expressed, many people don’t even know how to identify what is racist or not. Therefore, I would like more ads that educate people what constitutes racism. Racism goes deeper than the surface, so equating it with a cream doesn’t do the subject justice.

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