Social Construction of Gender..

April 27, 2012 § 3 Comments

Gender is something i had never given much thought. I just thought boys were boys and girls were girls. i didn’t think about that invisible voice saying you need to wear a dress and play with Barbies. Who is that invisible voice? i think that voice is society. Gender has been around forever and is created different in every culture. It is funny how people just fall into their own positions and ‘do gender’ without being told verbally. This does bring up a few issues though. One being gay or lesbian people. For gay or lesbian people, gender is something a little more flexible but not completely acceptable. I feel that women are more accepting of gay people because we will not be judged as a harshly by society. If a gay guy and a straight guy are friends, it is likely that people will assume the straight guy is also gay and this would make him feel de-masculinized. I also think there is some hidden part in men that think women are weak and that gay men take on women-like desires and it makes them weaker. Lorber is right when she says that many people do not think of gender until one’s gender is questionable and then it becomes a guessing game. I feel like i was completely oblivious to this huge cycle i have fallen into. I am glad i can be aware of this concept now.


§ 3 Responses to Social Construction of Gender..

  • bibliogay says:

    I’m not sure I can totally agree with the statement that “women are more accepting of gay people”. While there is the stereotype of the “faghag”, the woman who is besties with a gay man, that doesn’t encompass the queer woman. In my experience, when it comes to lesbian bashing, women are still the key proponents of the hatred.

    What it seems to come down to is that when heterosexual individuals are faced with a homosexual of the same sex, they become a lot more defensive than if it were the other sex.

  • taryngerson says:

    I think that it is interesting that in the post was addressed how women can be friends with gay men, but the minute men are friends with gay men or women are friends with lesbian women society kind of looks at you differently. I think that this is a huge issue and I have not really looked into it, nor thought about it before. If you see a woman shopping with a gay friend or out at lunch nothing is questioned, but if a man is out with his gay friend the questions start arising. I think this whole issue of gender and how society forms you into your gender roles is extremely important to try and understand the issues that we face everyday with racism, people having hate towards gays, and many other issues.

  • akugler says:

    I definitely agree with the idea of people being more defensive when it is the same sex as themselves. People tend to do this when there is a threat, but what would the threat be if they are attracted to a different sex than you’d be going after? Unless it is a protective defensive. That the person deep down thinks that the gay or lesbian is attracted to them. Not really sure. But I definitely see this with our society. Just like guys don’t mind lesbians and sometimes fantasize about them, and how some girls have a gay guy best friend.

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