April 27, 2012 § 1 Comment

For our assignment to attend an on-campus lecture, I decided to watch the documentary MissRepresentation. This documentary gives so much information on how women are viewed in the media. The news, movies, ads, tv shows and programs all depict a fantasy world, a world that doesn’t reflect the reality of our society or the gender roles constructed within it. According to the information from the film, 97% of what we see on the screen comes from men, so it shouldn’t come to such a surprise when we see the majority of women younger, attractive, and playing more traditional roles (such as the victim, the helpless romantic, the bitchy boss, etc.). Also, whenever we do see commentaries from men, many times they degrade women (either by using profanity, belittling them, or viewing them as a sexual object) in the eye of the public via tv shows, the radio, the news, etc. Movie directors and producers are mainly men even for female lead or related movies, so inevitably we live “in a man’s world”. The media has become not only the messenger, but also the message.

The effects of the media can be very disturbing. Young girls who are still trying to figure themselves and the world out turn on the television and realize that they must become some impossible perfect woman or sometimes someone downright nasty in order to feel loved or to capture the attention of boys; and, sadly, boys also look for this type of woman. Their (both boys and girls) value and worth has shifted only to the physical. The fact that the media is the cause of 65% of eating disorders, that depression has doubled from 2000-2010, that the amount of money used for advertisement is more than the GDP in most countries, that women spend between $12,000-$15,000 a year on beauty products, that surgeries have tripled in girls under 19 since 1997, and that women only make up 20% of the news is so alarming, and the fact that we don’t know about this is so unfortunate.

This documentary provided so much insight on to what we truly receive on a daily basis from pictures and the tv screen. I recommend it to anyone who has a desire to learn more of the subject.


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  • rachaelma0607 says:

    I personally really enjoyed the documentary and I was surprised with how often women are being misrepresented in the media. Our female leaders are constantly being undermined through their bodies or what they wear instead of the words that comes out of their mouth. While films portray heroines only in a certain light and most often times, a sexual one or one where the heroine of the story only seeks for love and needs a man to complete her life. In music videos, women are treated as sex objects, just among one in a crowd of other promiscuously dancing around one man. It’s surprising to me how often times these things just roll off our skin, we rarely focus on them or get enraged by this because we are so socialized to do so and became so numb to these images to the point where we aspire to be like them. After watching that documentary, I started realizing more and more of how women are portrayed in the media and became more sensitive to this topic which I think the producers of this film aimed for.

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