Miss Representation

April 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was able to watch the film, “Miss Representation.” This film was very similar to the Killing Me Softly film we watched in class, but an updated version. I really liked all of the statistics that the film gave. And how it used those statistics to help you create an image or help understand a concept, rather than just throwing a bunch of numbers at you.

One of the areas looked into was politics. We have strong powerful women who are out there making a difference and representing the female population. Some examples are Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Condoleezza Rice,  and Sarah Palin. While some of us may disagree with some of their ideas, they are still showing that women can be powerful and in the same political fields as men. But yet our media pounces on them. Every single move they make is watched and criticized. They are called ditzes or bitches. They do not get any respect from our media. One big topic is their appearance. We have all heard many jokes about Hillary Clinton’s dress style, haircuts, or lack of maintenance. Sarah Palin’s glasses and hair styles were a huge topic of conversation and she even has a eye glasses line. This is what the media decides to talk about and remember about our women in power. They do not try to give any message on their believes or the actions that they are trying to do. It focuses on their appearance.

This proves that our country still has not given women the same respect as men. They may let us start to make careers in their gendered fields, but women don’t get the same treatment or respect. A woman’s appearance is still objectified. Our music videos, TV shoes, and advertisements are all still geared towards the objectification of women. This creates insecurities within women. They must obtain that tiny figure and be flawless. With this insecurity, women then give in to the media and start to think of themselves as the lesser gender. That they are here for the man. Many of the same underline notions of a women, being here for men, are still prevalent today. There are many strong women that stand their ground, but I feel that the media and society still create that objectified atmosphere.

I really enjoyed the film. I would recommend it for all to watch. It is an eye opener to ideas that most women just accept and would never really think about as being “miss represented.” It brings to light topics that need to be addressed. These ideas are affecting girls at a very young age. There were girls in the film that talked about being concerned about their weight since fifth grade and it keeps getting worse. These ideas come from what our young girls see in the media. They see it everywhere around them. How are they to feel good about themselves when they are held up against an unrealistic idea of a airbrushed model? There are many issues that could be helped or stopped if the media had more regulations.

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