Growing Up Hidden

April 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

What really struck me in this essay was that the author at such a young age was feeling like she was not going to be accepted by society and that she was going to have to hide and try to be someone she was not in order to try and “fit in” to societies rules.  It struck me as well that at summer camp not only herself but a young boy as well knew about each other and pretended to be together in order to not have any questions asked about what they were thinking.  This type of awareness and planning at such a young age is troubling, because kids are so expressive and free and to be trying to hide yourself from the world can have serious issues for the child as they get older.  It was extremely sad to me that while reading books at such a young age, and reading stuff that her sexuality was compared to those who had sex with chickens, just is really sad and is hard to process for a child at such a young age.  I keep on mentioning age, but as a parent I think the importance of educating your child on gender roles, and treating others how you would like to be treated is key into making the world a less harsh place to live, whether you are gay, or straight, there are many things that society teaches children that could harm them in the future.  This essay was eye opening and I think important to read.


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