Essay 65: The Language Barrier

April 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

Connie Chan brings up an important issue in her essay on reproductive issues. She focuses on the plight of Asian-American women specifically, bring up issues that relate to the availability of abortion information to Asian women who may not be as well-versed in English as their health care providers are. It shows the woman who is scared and faced with the extremely loud activism of those who are pro-life, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but doesn’t allow the women to have some sort of understanding of what it is that they are being projected at in terms of the angry mob’s wrath.

But Chen’s essay brings up more than just the Asian-American woman’s infringement of rights. The language barrier that exists within the United States when it comes to medical attention spreads beyond one particular language. Already in the United States exists the barrier between women and their access to reproductive rights; the addition of a language barrier merely intensifies the problems that are being faced by these women.


§ 2 Responses to Essay 65: The Language Barrier

  • The author makes another point about the likelihood they will be dealing with a white male. Even with so called diversity enhancing measures, why are there still so few minority and women doctors? I know from my own experience trying to pursue medical school , it is ridiculously expensive. From the testing to application fees, cost of travel for interviews and whatnot, it is just not feasible for most people. Increasing the diversity could be achieved by lowering costs and providing free preparation materials as well as promoting fair matriculation practices. With a more diverse staff, hospitals would have more languages represented and be able to truly relate to the larger population.

  • akugler says:

    I agree with the costs of education. Our country is restricting who can become a doctor and who is available for women to get care from. Why is education so expensive? Our society talks about educating yourself and bettering yourself, but does everyone truly have this same right? Not every person can afford to even go to college, not to even mention a doctorate program. These fields are also very stereotyped towards men. Many women feel that they can’t or are not allowed to pursue these fields for a career.

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