Claiming Jezebel

April 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

I found this essay very interesting in the fact that I really enjoy rap and hip hop music, and I never really looked at it that closely.. well at the least the music video’s, nor did I listen to the lyrics.  I always told my self that the lyrics were not about me, but sadly these lyrics effect women and how men treat women.  In a lot of these music videos women are treated as objects or throw away toys all you see is their bodies, and a lot of times their faces are not ever shown.  In a lot of hip hop and rap videos the women in the videos are African American which is extremely demeaning and can cause issues for African American women and women of other races as well.  I thought it was interesting to think about how the rappers would feel if it was their daughters in the videos, or their daughters listening to the lyrics.  And a point was brought to my attention that the rapper Jay-Z was not going to the “B” word in his lyrics anymore after having his daughter.  I thought that although that it is great that he is going to stop, what about all the other women and their daughters who grew up listening to his music and hearing that word.. do they not matter?


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