Post#8 Health Care Reform :A Woman’s Issue by Dr. Catherine DeLorey

April 26, 2012 § 5 Comments


   I really enjoyed reading Dr. Catherine DeLorey’s article linking gender and health care reform. Dr. DeLorey addressed the issues that women face on every level: biologically, socially and economically. Biologically, women are more susceptible to certain cancers and diseases. Economically, higher paying jobs with better health benefit packages go to men. And socially, health care is rather costly. Women that receive health care from their husbands have not necessarily found a permanent solution.  It also bothers me that women with a lesbian partner would not be recognized legally, in terms of spousal health care.

   The key to many diseases and health problems is preventative care. Planned Parenthood is a great organizes in this process.  Women that receive cancer screenings such as mammograms and pap smears have a better chance of survival. Contraceptives such as birth control and condoms help prevent pregnancy. It really angers me to know that political organizations want to control and cut this source of care.

   Dr. DeLorey also touched upon health disparities that occur for women of color. I found this really neat website that explores this idea in depth: The title is Putting Women’s Health Care Disparities On The Map: Examining Racial and Ethnic Disparities at the State Level. The website allows you to read documents and reports comparing health disparities between white women and women of color. Health issues include diabetes, heart disease, Aids and cancer.


§ 5 Responses to Post#8 Health Care Reform :A Woman’s Issue by Dr. Catherine DeLorey

  • Rachael Ma says:

    I can agree with your post that there is a problem with health care in regards to its racial and sexual discrimination today. The health care system needs to evaluate care in terms of specific groups and their needs. Women especially need more care in regards to pregnancy and birth control and often times do not get what is needed.

  • bh143kh says:

    I also enjoyed DeLorey’s essay and it’s a shame that an issue like this hasn’t been made a priority, though it doesn’t surprise me given our patriarchal society. And I wonder if it’s because many people, especially women, aren’t aware that this is an issue. Steps need to be made to bring this to the forefront concerning health care benefits and I think one of the first fundamental steps is awareness because without awareness we can’t even begin to solve a problem.

  • catherine says:


    I just found this site and am thrilled to see all of your comments here.

    All of you have made very insightful and relevant comments.

    I don’t think I can add anything at the moment, but if any of you have questions or would like more resources or women’s health advocacy organizations, please let me know and I will attempt to response.

    With the supreme court decision regarding the Affordable Care Act, we now must be vigilante and continue to see how we can advocate for all women to not just have good health care, but good health.

  • catherine says:

    Apologies, but I realize that I did not indicate that I am the Dr. Catherine DeLorey of the article . . .

  • Thank you so much for your comments, Catherine. I’m glad you found our blog, which was set up for my students in a course called Gender and Multiculturalism at Purdue University for the Spring 2012. The class is over, but the blog is still active (although slow for the summer). We talked about the ACA as we read your essay, and I hope my students are following these new developments.

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