Essay 64: Reformation Necessary

April 26, 2012 § Leave a comment

DeLorey’s essay on health care reformation is an issue that most all college students should hold some interest. According to the statistics in DeLorey’s essay, women have much less of a chance in getting insured privately than men do. Along with that, the women who are uninsured have a shorter life span than the men who are uninsured. As is, just on the basis of not having a phallic organ, women are much less likely to have a good run with the health insurance world. Adding to that basic biological aspect of life, there are already numerous factors that can influence premiums and general acceptance of clients. Considering this is America and there is a high obesity problem in the United States, the chances of having a high premium or being rejected as a potential client of an insurance company is even higher. In general, those who are considered obese will spend roughly $1000 more on health insurance than those who are considered average or even underweight.

Obama’s latest attempt at reforming legislation on health insurance is a good step in a more equal direction. A truly great thing that the legislation would do is that those with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied health insurance based on those conditions. For many people, being obese or having high risk for heart disease or even being a woman wouldn’t have as great of an influence on the premiums that people would have to pay. It would be, without question, such a better thing.

So let’s do this 2014.


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