Redefining Reproductive Rights.

April 25, 2012 § 2 Comments

Several of the works we have read recently have dealt with women’s reproductive rights.  There does not appear to be an imminent threat of Roe vs. Wade being overturned.  Although that is some thing that has been discussed in the past when new justices have been appointed to the supreme court.  So, insted of atacking the legality of abortions in general there has been a shift to eliminate them as an option in a de facto way.

Arizona has recently made several changes to their law surrounding access abortions.  It has been an interesting shift in focus that is really quite astounding.  Initially they limited age of the fetus that can be aborted.  This is a fairly normal practice and after a certain time point it becomes difficult to find doctors who are even willing to preform an abortion for other than dire medical complications.  The next step in the process though was really quite astounding.  They redefined the start of pregnancy as the end of previous menstrual cycle not the time of conception.  This shortened the time window available for abortions by another two weeks.  It also opens several sever legal problems.  Such as a women engaging in behavior that could be dangerous for a fetus before she is actually capable of become pregnant.  If she then becomes pregnant and there is a problem with the development of the fetus could she be held responsible even though she stopped the activity as soon as she became pregnant.

There is now a currently a law in front of Gov. Jan Brewer, that would eliminate funding to Planned Parenthood.  This is a strategy that has already been used in 6 states.  This is one of the worst strategies of all because it shows a complete disregard for women’s health.  In order to eliminate one disagreeable procedure they are willing to remove basic female specific care and sexual education for all members of the community.

This strategy regulates women’s health care without actually having to engage in debate about the direct costs to women and society as a whole.


§ 2 Responses to Redefining Reproductive Rights.

  • qsthomson says:

    To me, the redefining of the start of pregnancy as the end of the previous menstrual cycle is a direct statement claiming women are entirely responsible for pregnancy in general. This notion eliminates men from being responsible for parenting and, again, is a further attack on women.

    It also frustrates me when legislators are selfish as to eliminate quality services for citizens, such as Planned Parenthood, because they or their constituents are “offended” or don’t agree with what the other person is doing. Simply put, they are enacting laws that invade liberties of other people.

  • These types of laws and reforms are frightening. With abortion, this already won reproductive right keeps being chipped away at. I disagree with any laws that wish to further limit reproductive rights. Really this needs to be between the woman and her doctor, not politicians and governments. Limits on abortion have severe consequences, such as women being forced to deliver an already dying baby, forcing both her and the fetus more pain. The attacks on Planned parenthood are even more problematic and honestly confusing. Since they do not provide abortions then why are they targeted and hated?? What is so horrible a out Planned parenthood?

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