“Health Care Reform- A Woman’s Issue

April 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

This essay shows how once again patriarchy dominates our society. Women receive less health insurance than men, but need it and use it more than men. This is because women usually work in places that do not give benefits or stay home with the children. In a patriarchal society that usually forces women to have these low income jobs, wouldn’t they support health benefits for these women instead of undermining their rights once again? Patriarchy almost forces women to be beneath men’s power, not being able to make their own choices in health care because they do not have the resources to do so. Wives should not have to be under a husband’s health benefits because the government will not let them be on their own. This is just another way women’s rights are controlled by men.

If women see doctors more often than men, shouldn’t their benefits increase? Research shows that women should outlive men but instead, uninsured women are now dying first. Women of lower classes and especially women of different races are definitely suffering the consequences of being underpaid women. Industries run America, and they cannot insure their women workers? The Avery Institute for Social Change and Women’s Universal Health Initiative are working hard to change these rights for women. However this is not enough. Health care rights and benefits should be equal for everyone, especially the women who are held responsible for raising families.


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