Reproductive Issues and Asian-American Communities

April 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

I had a hard time relating to this article, because as a white, middle class, english-speaking woman with above average healthcare, this situation is unlikely to happen to me.  Therefore, it was something that did not really occur to me until I read this essay.  I was shocked that women would be put through medical procedures that, because of a language barrier, they were not able to understand or receive an explanation for.  I was also saddened that at local clinics for women there was not more information about healthcare services that could be provided for women.  Not only do these women lack resources, the resources available to them are not usable, because they do not possess the english language skills to read and comprehend them.

I agree that the feminists who have the language skills, knowledge, and resources should speak up for the women who may never participate in feminist activism.  However, I think the first step is to make sure there are more resources available to women in these sitatuations before they become pregnant and feel that abortion is their best option.  Medicaid funds should be spent on birth control, so that families who cannot afford to have more children are not faced with these decisions.  The example from the essay, Kai Ling, not only had to borrow money from family members and will have to work extra hours to pay them back, she and her husband cannot buy new clothes or necessities for the children they already have.  Had the clinic provided information about birth control, and Medicaid funds would fully cover this birth control, this situation could have likely been avoided.  I think better education and better access to resources is the first thing that feminists should advocate for these women and every woman.

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