“Health Care Reform – A Women’s Issue”

April 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

This essay is a good example of the process of empowerment. The author, Catherine DeLorey, writes about the two steps toward empowerment in detail. First, she lays out the issues of health care reform in relation to women’s health care needs. She emphasizes how it is more difficult for women to gain access to necessary health care than men, as well as the idea that women’s health care needs are more or less put on the back burner. “… important aspects of women’s lives (such as pregnancy or menopause) are treated as medical conditions or diseases, rather than life experiences.” DeLorey then lays out what should be done in health care reform to address women’s needs. Her bullet point list includes the idea of universal access to health care with many options in the providers and settings as well as access to health care decision information. As I was reading this essay, I kept thinking about the various political debates I keep hearing about in the media concerning women’s reproductive healthcare. It always bewilders me that decisions made concerning women’s needs in healthcare are made mostly by men in Washington D.C.

§ One Response to “Health Care Reform – A Women’s Issue”

  • gdobler says:

    You make a good point, why do men get to decide what is best when it comes to women’s health care needs? That doesn’t seem logical at all. I also agree with you that reproductive issues and menopause shouldn’t be considered illnesses or diseases, they are part of a normal life and should be treated as such. In my opinion, women’s health is very important, especially reproductive health. Obviously women are important in this world, how else would more babies be born? I agree that women’s health issues should not be put on the “back burner”, they are important and ultimately effect everyone since everyone had to be born at some point and their mother had to be healthy. Women’s health needs to be better represented and should not be put in the hands of a man.

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