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April 21, 2012 § 2 Comments

After our discussions in class I began to think more about health care for women but also just health care in general. I am an Athletic Training major so I deal with health care type issue quite often. As part of my clinical experience, I work in PUSH in the Physical Therapy clinic. In this clinic, men and women are not treated any differently, but when looking at the prices of the services, I was appalled at how much everything costs. Just an evaluation costs around $40 and then you add doing 30 minutes of exercises and that adds on $35. Just a bag of ice is $5 and getting a small piece of stretchy elastic called theraband is also $5. The costs add up and sometimes insurance won’t actually cover any of those costs. Some patients will come in a couple times a week just to do their exercises and get some ice and it costs them about $40. I asked the Physical Therapist about her job and how much she gets paid and she informed me that she doesn’t even make very much money annually. Where is this money going? Yes, some doctors are paid a ridiculous amount and yes they sometimes deserve it because of all the schooling and knowledge that they have to obtain. But when thinking about all of the people that need health care and can’t get it, it makes me upset that the charges are so high and for many people health care becomes inaccessible.

I always knew that health care costs were high and people were not able to pay and therefore did not receive adequate health care. I never did realize though that many times the costs for women are more than they are for men or that insurance is harder to obtain and does not offer as much coverage. As we talked about in class, the women are often times utilizing their health care resources more than men and therefore should be rewarded, but instead they are paying more money and getting less coverage from insurance. I don’t find this to be fair. I think that all health care costs should be the same whether they are for a woman or for a man. I think that the more preventative health care that we get, the less health care will be needed and the less money that people will have to pay in the long run. The problem is, health care centers want money and the more that you have to go to the doctor, the more money they will get from your visits. This makes sense, but it is a very messed up system. I would think we would want everyone to be healthy and not have to go to the doctor but in all reality, that is not what health care facilities are always about, instead it is about the money. This sickens me but it is just how it is, at this point money is more important than the health of the patients in most cases.

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  • singh0321 says:

    I really enjoyed reading your essay because I thought you brought up a very good point about how expensive healthcare is for most people. Coming from a family of doctors, the expense of healthcare is discussed quite often. As I listen to my family members talk, I am appalled to hear how much certain procedures cost because the equipment the doctors use is very expensive. When I asked my sister who is doing her residency why healthcare costs so much, she responded by saying because people are willing to spend a lot of money to get rid of their pain. She said that all people care about their health, and parents especially care about their children’s health, so the healthcare companies know they can charge higher prices because they know people will cut back on other things in their life to get treated. She also said that insurance companies don’t really care about the uninsured because they are poor and cannot afford to buy it and that the system won’t change because there are enough people who can afford higher prices which still bring in really high profits for insurance companies.

    I agree with you that the healthcare system is all about money and that they care more about profits then people’s lives. Personally, that’s why I support government intervention in the healthcare system. The point you made about preventative healthcare is another interesting point. In my opinion, I honestly think they don’t want people to be treated early because as the patient becomes sicker, they can make more money of the patient because the price of the medicines and procedures will go up. While many people might not agree with my opinion, I think it makes sense for them because they are a business and they want to do whatever they can to maximize their profits.

    The final point I wanted to comment on was about women’s healthcare. I completely agree with you that women should pay the same amount in healthcare as men. I find it sexist and unjust that women, who are already insured less than men, are asked to pay more because statistics show that women receive more treatment than men. I find this to be an unfair practice because there are obviously many cases were men will go to the doctors more often than women. After reading essay 64, I feel the entire healthcare system is all about making money and not about treating people. This became apparent to me as I continued to read about all the cases in which women were treated unfairly because of their sex. Sadly, I believe these practices will continue for a long time because those people who are for the status quo, seem to be fighting much harder to keep the system the way it is, rather than treat people with dignity and fix the system so that men and women pay the same price and so healthcare can be seen as a right rather than a privilege.

  • boilerbballfan says:

    One of the last points in this response reminded me of an autobiography I read last year. The idea that people would want other people to be healthy should be a given. People shouldn’t have to suffer when there are medical advances that would heal many of their ailments. However, an Egyptian feminist and doctor, whose autobiography I read, made an interesting point that has stuck with me since then. She said that she entered the medical profession, because she wanted to help people. What she learned is that medicine is not necessarily about helping people anymore. Instead, it is about selling people their health as though it is a product one can buy on the market. I had never really thought about healthcare issues in that sense, but that idea speaks to me. The way the healthcare system is set up, every person must buy their own health. If they do not have the money to do so, they don’t get to be as healthy, on the whole, as people who are able to pay for their health. This is a sad realization to come to, but as a society, I think this is where we are. If we care for the welfare of the people of the United States, there are serious reforms that need to be made. However, these issues don’t really affect the people who make the decisions, because they are typically white, middle or upper class, men, and therefore are unlikely to be reconciled.

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