Essay 64, Health Care Reform Response

April 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

I enjoyed reading essay 64 because I found it to be really informative. The most important message I got out of this essay was how unfair the health care system is for women in this country. In my opinion, I believe this unfair treatment stems from our capitalistic mindset. I believe that American’s are obsessed with this idea that everything needs to be privatized and that the free market should set the prices on everything. While I am not anti-capitalist, I feel that some issue’s need government interference. Healthcare is amongst those important issues which I believe the government needs to play a bigger role in for its people. The reason I believe in some government interference is because if we allow private companies to dictate prices and regulations, they would set rules and prices that would benefit themselves and not the general public. If the American people truly want a more fair healthcare system, they need to unite together and tell the people in Washington that they will not vote for them unless they make major changes in the system.

Personally, I believe women need to be the most active voice for change in the system because the current system clearly discriminates against women. I think it’s unfair that healthcare companies can charge a client more money simply because of their gender. I found that to be both unfair and sexist. The insurance companies make the argument that since women come more often than men; they should have to pay more. I don’t think that makes much sense because not all women go to the doctors more than men. Also, I think our society needs to take into consideration the important role women play as caregivers and how they should actually receive special benefits instead of being penalized.

In conclusion, I believe the healthcare system is an extremely sexist and unfair system. I believe that our nation’s mindset of capitalizing everything and letting the free market decide on pricing is the main reason for this unjust system. While I believe all people need to tell their representatives how they feel about these unfair practices, I believe women need to be at the forefront of the issue because the healthcare system unjust practices target women far more than they target men.



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