Reproductive Issues

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

The essay “Reproductive Issues are Essential Survival Issues for the Asian-American Communities” by Connie S. Chan was a real eye opener for me and our medical system. Firstly, I thought it was extremely commendable what Connie Chan did. It takes a special person to have the patience and heart for what she accomplished. She had no real training, she just had respect and hope for these women who needed her. I know translating can sometimes be tiresome and stressful, but she wanted to help these women find answers. It must be horribly scary to come into a country with no idea what the laws and no idea the language. While reading the experiences of these women, I put myself in their shoes. What if I traveled to Hong Kong or China, impoverished, with no sense of the language? I would be in the exact same position as many of these women. Connie really did save the lives for these women.

Next I was really disappointed with our medical system. I think the part that I couldn’t fathom the most is that foreign women really don’t stand a chance. It is hard enough for English of Spanish speaking Americans to find a doctor that will perform an abortion, let alone someone who spoke other tongues. To come here and to need an abortion and to feel comfortable with someone of her own race/ethnicity/language is a nearly impossible task.

From where I am sitting right now, there are 2 abortion clinics I could go to. One clinic is in Indianapolis and the other is in Chicago. Even for me it is a long drive to reach either location. Luckily, I do have a car to get me places. Many of these Asian women described in the essay were extremely impoverished. They not only have to find money to pay for their abortion, but they also have to find a ride there. After the arrive, many clinics force a 24 hour waiting period to make sure this is the best decision that she is making. Therefore she now has to find a hotel/motel to stay at for the night=more money. On top of all of these financial difficulties, she is probably going to go to a doctor that does not speak her language. She is going through a situation that she finds inevitable and sometimes she feels forced to do so because she can’t afford another child. With all of these things in mind, she is also being treated by a doctor who is unfamiliar and she does not understand the language.

As Americans, I think it is up to us to make a difference for women who need our help. Many women need abortions, bottom line. A woman doesn’t have to have an abortion or would have an abortion to be in support of the women who need them. We need to stand together as a whole and fight for women who can’t always fight for themselves. A woman’s body is her choice, not anyone else’s. I think we need to support organizations such as Planned Parenthood, who are for women’s reproductive rights. We can make a difference, one woman at a time.

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