Media and Women

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

After watching “Lioness” in class, I was so disappointed with the media in the US. Women do deserve equal recognition as men for their services. When the women were sitting around the television watching the History Channel story, I was shocked to see that they were not even recognized. Each girl had a different story for that specific scene in the show, yet it made a point to say “MEN MEN MEN”. These women deserve to have their story told. The History Channel documentary did not even consider the fact that women made a significant and dramatic difference in Iraq. Even more than that, the military depended on women to make any progress. They are smart enough to know that women are capable and powerful; Women helped Iraqi women and children in a way that men couldn’t possibly do. Yet, the media is not smart enough to give any recognition to these Lionesses that deserve it.

It’s interesting that the documentary on the Lionesses is so contradictory to the essay “Wielding Masculinity Inside Abu Ghraib Making Feminist Sense of an American Military Scandal”. The media has no problem putting women in the spot light when they are seemed as violent or outside of “their place”. The article states, “Women were not-according to the conventional presumption-supposed to be the wielders of violence, certainly not the perpetrators of torture. When those deeply gendered presumptions were turned upside down, many people felt a sense of shock. ‘This is awful; how could this have happened.’” It is easier for the media to feature women in horrific stories, but women aren’t good enough to be bragged about for the work that Lionesses do.


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