Marine Corps opening combat school to women

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hi everyone, I know that this is a little late since we discussed women in the military last week, but I just saw this headline yesterday and thought it seemed very relevant to the issues we covered.  In “The Private War of Women Soldiers” there was a lot of discussion about women in combat and how the Pentagon “officially prohibits women from serving in ground combat units,” yet this obviously didn’t actually hold true in Afghanistan/Iraq.

The article states, “In February, the Pentagon announced that some restrictions on women serving in combat roles would be relaxed, acknowledging the fact that they are fighting, and dying, on the battlefield. But the Defense Department said it would still prohibit women from serving in the infantry, armor or special operations unit. At the same time, the Pentagon said it was developing ‘gender-neutral physical standards.'”  Also within the article, the Marine Corps Times says that it’s a “monumental-if controversial- move for the Marine Corps,” in reference to allowing women to participate in the Infantry Officers Course in Quantico, VA.  I think it’s interesting that allowing women into a training program is so controversial, yet women were fighting in ground combat in Iraq and the issue was simply swept under the rug and not acknowledged.  If I were a woman in the military, this lack of recognition would be extremely frustrating.  But let’s hope that the Pentagon holds to its word and is truly developing gender-neutral physical standards.  Here’s the link to the actual article if you’re interested…


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