Comments on “Contemporary Challenges to Black Women’s Reproductive Rights”

April 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was stunned when I read this essay by how spot-on it was.  I had never really realized until I read this how many prejudices we’re exposed to about the parenting practices of women of color, or rather, had never really questioned their existence and impact.  It seems like it’s worse today than ever before, with libertarians complaining bitterly about having to pay for low-income citizens’ medical bills, and especially about having to spot the bill for abortions.  At the same time, services for the children already born are being cut as well, and, as the article mentioned, the children that low-income mothers want but are temporarily unable to financially provide for are more likely than ever to be permanently separated from them.

I wonder if there are potential advantages for those in power of a Child Protective Services policy that favors adoption over family restoration?  Is it similar to the control of women’s reproduction during slavery, when there was a clear economic advantage for white men to commandeer black women’s procreative power?  Is it just laziness and disinterest in fixing a broken system that is responsible for the institution of such damaging policies?  Are policy-makers, in their growing ignorance of the situation on the ground, just patching the metaphorical leaky bucket with straw and bubble gum, not caring to invest the time,  energy and funds in tracing the trail of broken families back to their economic and social source?

It makes me furious, too, that some of the few resources left for impoverished women of all colors are now on the chopping block as well.  Things are worse now, I think, than when this essay was written in 2007.  I wonder, is there a group advantaged by disadvantaging all of these people?  Are these attacks on entire portions of the population deliberate and calculated?  Is critical and insightful forethought involved at all?  Is there anyone who stands to be advantaged by the rape  of women’s welfare in the United States?  If so, who?  And if not, then who’s driving this busload of crazy?



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