Health care reform for women

April 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

This past week we have discussed different reproductive issues with race and gender from our readings. This essay is on the health care reform involving the women. After reading this article I was not surprised to read that women were once again not given the rights for health care. Not only are the women being affected but the most popular group are the black women. I believe the reason for this reform is that the cost for a women to obtain health care is more expensive than it is for men. This is because they are making more visits to their different physicians in order to insure their health.

Although most women work for companies or different jobs that do not provide health care or enough health care to support their needs. Women usually depend on their husbands health care plans because they have more coverage. It was stated in the essay that women are more likely to follow through with doctors orders when given prescriptions and certain treatments. Where as the women do not fill the prescriptions and do not follow doctors orders when they are do not have health insurance. The reason women do not have health care is not because they do not want, but the fact that they can not afford  the expense.

Women today have more rights than they did in the past but still to this day are not receiving the same treatment as the men are. It may be that they are more expensive and the health insurance does not want to risk spending that money but at the same time for women who can not afford it and who not have husbands need the most help.

Working with the different organizations in order to obtain the rights that women need for health care is the only way we will solve the solution. Getting the women’s voices heard is what will help this health care reform.


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