April 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

VEGGIE alternative

“Actor Lisa Edelstein hasn’t eaten meat in more than three decades—and she has the jaw-dropping body to prove it.”

Thanks PETA. Nothing gets my vegetarian appetite going like naked female bodies atop greens. How could this ad ever appeal to women? Am I supposed to “go green,” so I can be sexy and naked like Lisa Edelstein? She literally looks like dinner laying over a kale garnish—maybe I’m playing the devil’s advocate here though.

I know PETA wants publicity, but this is the wrong way to get it. I’m not interested in supporting an organization that objectifies women in order to get attention.

The PETA article can be found here. By the way, I didn’t misquote the caption. The article really does refer to her as an “actor.”

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  • mlitwicki says:

    This is absolutely insane. I have been vegetarian on and off for about 10 years now, and seeing adds like this are exactly why so many people don’t take vegetarians/vegans seriously. I have gotten tons of negative backlash about choosing to not eat meat because i’m a “tree hugger” or I’m all of a sudden obsessed with animals, when this really isn’t the truth. Being vegetarian/vegan is a decision and a lifestyle, just like people who do eat meat. Adds such as a naked television star just gives us a bad name. Way to go Peta.

  • jyevcak says:

    Once again, I’m really disappointed in the route that PETA chose in this ad campaign. On their website it says, “she has the jaw-dropping body to prove it” and “Looking luminous in her gorgeous ad for PETA.” This is nothing but objectification. They are using the intended sex appeal of her naked body to draw people over to the vegetarian/vegan side. I have absolutely nothing against being a vegetarian/vegan, but I don’t like the way PETA markets its message. Women are beautiful in every shape and every size…you don’t have to look like Lisa Edelstein to have a “jaw-dropping body.”

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