The Private War of Women Soldiers

April 18, 2012 § 1 Comment

I have personally spoken to an Iraq war veteran about women soldiers. They made it a point to bring up how these women are allowed to get by with so much physical work because of their sex. Another interesting point was how the men in the military looked at the women as easy, like they came into the military to have more interaction and contact with men. What was never mentioned were all the things Helen Benedict writes about. Most women in the military are fighting their own private war with their own ‘team-members.’ They live in fear of being sexually violated and some even dehydrated themselves to death in order to avoid these situations.

        She says that all of the women she talked with had held a dangerous job in Iraq, but as we saw in the video, they are not being recognized or treated equally. A study in 2004 showed that 71% of women in war, since Vietnam, were victims of sexual assault or rape while in the military.

        At the time I did not know how to respond to this guy telling me about women in the military. I didn’t want to believe the things he was saying but I had no further knowledge to deny his stories. After reading this article, I hope another guy approaches me with the similar stories.. I will definitely have something to say this time.


§ One Response to The Private War of Women Soldiers

  • sbarell says:

    That 71% statistic is huge and shocking. I have never really thought about the subject until reading these essays about women fighting in the war and it’s a huge problem. Men that are fighting in war need to realize that it is not okay. People need to be aware of this matter so that we can lower and ultimately change that statistic.

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