Essay 65

April 18, 2012 § 3 Comments

While reading this essay, I am not really sure how to put my reactions into words. Reading the paragraph about the medical department not even mentioning the services of abortion and birth control, I suppose the best way to put it into words was that I was shocked and not shocked all at the same time. It seems like something so shady and so…dangerous should not be an issue, but after seeing everything happening in the media with reproductive rights and Planned Parenthood and what not, I cannot say that I was very surprised that people were taking these measures of not mentioning these things. It’s shady, and it seems unethical to me that a professional medical department is not telling their patients about all of their options. How is this legal? It just seems negligent to me. But I’m also the type of person who believes that “morals of faith” does not belong in a professional setting.

I may have already mentioned this before, but after reading the author’s points about many of the women can’t afford to have another child, it reminds me of an experience I’ve had with a pro-life person. During the time were the pro-life people (you know, the ones with the huge banners of aborted fetuses and what not), I decided to hear them out and ask some questions. Even though this isn’t the case 100% of the time, many pro-prolife people advocate for adoption. The people that I have had the displeasure of dealing with (escorting my little sister to Planned Parenthood) that was one of the things that they mentioned. So I decided to ask the girl that I was talking to, if one were to decide to give up the baby for adoption instead of abortion, who pays for it? I mean eveyrthing, the pre-birth doctor appointments, the ultrasounds, the vitamins, the hospital time during labor, the medications, epidural child birth, the newborn testings, everything. After all, it is not unknown that that stuff isn’t cheap by far, and with all of it can easily be in the thousands of dollars. If a woman wants an abortion because she cannot afford the doctor’s bills let alone the money required to raise a child, an abortion could only be a couple of hundred dollars, if that. But anyways, I asked the girl, and she had no idea. She could not give me a single answer, and I did not think that that was a very good thing for someone who is trying to advocate adoption instead.

I took this question to Tumblr and they said that it just all depended, it could be the mother or it could by chance be the adoptive parents, but this is not always, if even majority, of the cases. So overall, the fact that people are preventing people from having a child that they can not afford, and then in turn having to go on welfare (seems ironic to me when they complain about that as well), it just seems…wrong.





§ 3 Responses to Essay 65

  • ihowells says:

    So a couple things..
    first off i really enjoyed reading your point of view on this issue. An interesting point you brought up was brining personal beliefs into a professional setting. I had previously not thought about this. If someone has that much of an issue with abortion then why work in a facility that offers that type of procedure. People who work in these facilities should have unbiased opinions on the options for the individual and i feel that each person has an option that is right for them. Everyone is not all the same. Also, your point about having an abortion beacuse of the costs for everything that goes along with having a child can cause a family to go on welfare, yet daily you can catch someone talking about how terrible people on welfare are. I think that is a great point but do you feel like if a women were to have an abortion because of financial reasons, it is similar to taking the easy way out and solving her problems by taking the life of the baby growing inside of her?

  • colekulina says:

    I cannot really say I believe that it is taking the easy way out. Let’s say a women is having an abortion because of financial reasons. Can’t afford the medical aspects, food, clothing, etc. That is not just affecting her, but that is affecting the child as well. What sort of life would it be for the child if they cannot even get the basic necessities for life? When I think about someone taking the easy way out, I tend to think of someone who is doing something that only affects them. Of course this is not always the case, but I digress. I just believe that she is doing what she believes is right for the child that she cannot provide for/even afford to carry and give birth to because of those costs that I mentioned in my response.

  • ihowells says:

    I understand what you are saying. I believe that this is a perfectly good reason if every women in the world had an honest heart. But i also think that there are people that only think for themselves so we cannot really assume either way.

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