China’s One Child Policy

April 17, 2012 § 2 Comments

I have heard of the one child policy before Mondays lecture this week but I’ve never looked into the matter before now.  I was interested to search the internet to find out about the one child policy that China enforces and I found quite a bit of information that I think you guys might find interesting.

This policy was established in 1979 and began as a “temporary fix” for population growth problem.  It was only supposed to last about 5 years but it reduced the population by so much that when it came down to that 5th year they decided to not withdraw the policy.

The policy started out with limiting couples to one child.  After that, fines were enforced, abortion was pressured, and even forced sterilization has taken place.  However there were stipulations to the policy, it was restricted to ethnic Han Chinese living in urban areas.  If you were living in rural areas or a minority you did not have to follow the rule.

Things however have changed slightly.  Now couples can legally have two children of their own if neither person has siblings.  They do however still pressure abortion, sterilization, and IUD’s.  They have moved forward in the fact that they provide education for alternative birth control methods.

I thought it was shocking to read that if you only had one child you received a “one-child glory certificate” which leads you to economic benefits.  This can give your family higher wages, cheaper living, better healthcare, etc.  But if you were to have more children then you can get fined of all things, which is estimated anywhere between $300 and $12,800 depending on what region you live in.  Not to mention the government makes it harder on you for not obeying the law.

I just find this crazy! I know they set out to make things better by lowering the population but the fact that they reward you for listening and then punish you for not is just weird because we are talking about the matter of how many children you can have.  Any thoughts about this issue?


§ 2 Responses to China’s One Child Policy

  • katielee87 says:

    I agree with you that this is a crazy idea. I do understand that there must have been some reasons the government felt were very important in order to force this kind of restriction on it’s people. But I also think that it goes against a person’s rights and specifically it seems to target women because they force IUD’s, birth control, abortions, etc. All of these rules affect women’s bodies and women’s choices specifically. I understand that this is a controversial issue but ultimately, choices about a women’s body should be her decision.

  • sbarell says:

    I agree with that. A person should have a right to their own body. I don’t think the woman should abuse the priveledge and have 15 children but I think a one child limit is a bit much when there are plenty of women out there that choose not to have children at all.

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