Reproductive issues amoung Asian Americans

April 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

Something that is not often thought of as a necessity for survival is the right to reproductive counseling, education, and abortion. Until this article I did not view this as an essential to survive. Connie Chan speaks of her experiences as a psychologist at a local health center in Boston. She noticed that most of her patients were Asian immigrants who spoke little or no english at all. They were in a whole new world with little resources including finances and language. Any person who inquired about an abortion were given a doctor. This was a white male that spoke only english. This is what empowered Chan to volunteer as an interpretor for women as they had abortions. At the end of her essay she gives advice on how to help out with this issue and be a voice for someone else. I believe having a ‘voice’ means having power. It is much easier for the more powerful person (in this situation, the obstetrician) to assist with health care for immigrants than it is for them to seek help for themselves. they would likely be overlooked and pushed aside, as they already have been. At the end of the day, i think she is saying to use your privileges to privilege someone else. And i feel that is a good beginning to leveling the playing field for everyone.


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  • ebestrom says:

    I think a major issues in the United States is the limited number of doctors who are able to perform these procedures. This limits the amount of time each doctor can spend with each patient working to inform them of every possible option. A real first step will be to make these procedures easier to acquire through an expansion of hard resources, more clinics and doctors more evenly distributed along with the population. Once that begins to happen then we can work on specialization within the clinics.

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