Connecting “The Private War of Women Soldiers” to a Hunger for Power

April 16, 2012 § 1 Comment

The events that were described in this essay weren’t all that surprising to me. They made me angry of course, but they weren’t unexpected by any means. I say this because the things described—the raping of women soldiers, the fear of reporting, and the lack of action taken against these matters—just further show how power driven society is. We live in a society where power is everything. The more power you have the better off you’ll be, the more things you’ll have, the more people you’ll be able to control. Power is everything in the world we live in. And in our society, men hold more power (even though they make up an equal or lesser portion of the general population). In this sense, the rape of women in the army doesn’t surprise me because it’s just another way for men to confirm their power over women. It’s ridiculous, yes, but it’s true. Men rape women to further rank themselves as being superior and to show their manhood. Rapes go unreported because women in the military believe “it’s a man’s word against theirs” and since men have more power nothing will be done about it or it will back fire and be used against them later by men. I also believe men use a woman’s fear to their advantage to gain even more power. It seems to be a never ending cycle of how the men can gain more power over everyone else (and also how men can gain power over other men). It makes me wonder if there will truly ever be equal rights because there is always someone who is trying to be better than someone else.


§ One Response to Connecting “The Private War of Women Soldiers” to a Hunger for Power

  • erikaostrom says:

    I guess after this course I should not have been as shocked to hear how the women were treated during the war. We do live in a society that power has a lot of control over what we do and how people will treat us in that society. A while back we read an essay on the sexual athlete. I believe this showed us a lot of how men see themselves and how they view themselves in society. Although, I don’t understand why men rape the women will give them a higher ranking. I guess it is a mental ranking because if people spoke about it it would not be allowed. I feel as though the women should be stronger because look what they are doing for our country, how could they not stand up for themselves. Rape is a totally different issue that I hope people in war do not take lightly and fix the problem for those fighting for our country.

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