The private war of women soilders

April 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

After discussing the different violence in our country these past couple weeks it has made me realize a lot of different things. We have talked about structural violence and how that is the root of the violence in our country today. The military and their soldiers do a lot for our country and I have always been grateful and appreciative for everything they have given up and sacrificed. After reading Helen Benedict’s essay on the challenges female soldiers face during the war it made me very upset to read about.

I have always been a supporter of our military. My uncle was in it when he was in his twenties and my cousin and brother are considering joining as well. I knew that it took a toll on your life as a person seeing different people die or the mental emotion it played in your life. I had never had a woman from my family go but after reading this essay I would not want that.

I realize that not all commanders do this to women but those who did deserve to not be in their postion. We talked about in class how the women are to afraid to say anything but now with the SAPR I feel as though their is some kind of hope for those women who have this problem and need help. These men and women are doing a favor for our country and I believe that we should make sure they are safe and not being harmed by our own soldiers while fighting for our country


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