“Reproductive Issues are Essential Survival Issues for the Asian-American Communities”

April 14, 2012 § 2 Comments

This essay brought up the issue of available reproductive healthcare for non English speakers living in America, specifically people in the Asian-American communities. Often times, the needs and rights of non English speaking women in healthcare are overlooked. The author emphasizes how the right to have an abortion is essential to the survival of some women, specifically poor, uneducated, non English speaking immigrant women. I think the media, politicians, and religious groups just treat abortion as a morally wrong action and they never look beyond what their religious beliefs teach them. This essay brings to light the many reasons and hardships that women go through that makes an abortion essential to their and their family’s survival. I think that many of the people in power that make the decisions about the laws and regulations on abortions and women’s reproductive healthcare fail to put themselves in these women’s shoes, especially poor women and this needs to change. The author, Connie S. Chan, writes, “Within the Asian-American communities, the immigrant women who are most affected by the lack of access to abortions have the least power. They do not speak English; they do not demand equal access to health care; their needs are easily overlooked.”


§ 2 Responses to “Reproductive Issues are Essential Survival Issues for the Asian-American Communities”

  • erikaostrom says:

    I agree with you in saying that non-english speaking women get overlooked for health care. I think it is more to that then just the fact of not being able to speak english but because of their race. Like Professor David said in class, many different races go into the hospital and do not get treated right for their symptoms because of their race. It is the way the world has shaped their view on different people. It is very sad and I hope that one day the world will be a better place and people will all be treated the same. This honestly will never happen which again is very sad. The media does play a large role in their delivery of these different topics. They frame it as though the women getting abortions are all in a way “screw ups”. I have always been pro-life and still am but it is the person’s choice who is going through with it, not the media or different organizations.

  • It was shocking for me to talk to Indian and Afghani immigrant women and girls who said, in all seriousness, that their fathers would kill them if they were to have a boyfriend or become pregnant out of wedlock. I had a friend from high school who was disowned by her family for having a boyfriend. Like, she was dead to them and they never spoke to her again. She was lucky. The victims of honor-killings are not. Law-makers and politicians who are threatening women’s reproductive rights are not only threatening women’s futures, livelihoods, and positions within their families and communities, they are also quite literally threatening women’s lives.

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