Lionesses and Women in the Military

April 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

After reading “The Private War of Women Soldiers and watching the movie Lioness, I started to see women in the Military a little differently. Previously to these two stories, I had just figured that women were treated just like any other typical soldier. For some reason I expected the Military to look past gender and sex, but that is too hopeful of a thought. I found it appalling that women are treated as badly as they are, they are trying to serve our country and the thanks they get is rape by a fellow soldier. I would hope that our soldiers would have dignity and pride for their fellow soldiers, but maybe that is too much to ask. I also know that not all soldiers behave in this way, but the fact that any of them do is unnerving. As a women, reading these accounts lead me to believe that serving in the Army is unsafe and that I shouldn’t consider it an option. Of course, being in the Army is often unsafe, you are putting your life on the line to help others which I greatly respect and am very grateful for our armed forces. Women are unsafe not only from the war though, they are also unsafe when it comes to there comrades, I find that completely unacceptable and something more should be done.

Not only do women have to fear being raped, they also have the fear of under representation and not getting the recognition they deserve. In the movie “Lioness”, some of the women from the Lioness group have a reunion and during this gathering they watch a History channel documentary. This part of the movie really struck me because while they were watching, they remembered the exact events that the documentary was recounting, but they were never mentioned, not even once. The tone of the movie at that point showed their sadness and how upset they were. They had fought and overstepped the boundaries of what women are legally allowed to do in the Armed Forces but not recognition was even given. The women fighting in the Military today are so brave and should get the recognition they deserve and I hope that someday soon they will. America needs to realize what women are doing for them, the Military is not all men and I respect the women willing to fight alongside the men.


§ 2 Responses to Lionesses and Women in the Military

  • anonymous says:

    People need to go to the website to see how a congressman who sits on the armed forces committee ignores sexual assault in the military.

  • erikaostrom says:

    I agree with you as well about the military looking past gender. I figured that since they were giving up sacrifices for our country they would be there to fight and do their job not to harm women. The SAPR I think will help the women but it also is hard for them to come forward because they do not want to get in to more trouble. These women are all strong women for being able to go to war with men. I think it is also a territorial thing because they want to show they who is in charge and may feel a sort of invasion from these women.

    I also agree about the movie Lioness. I feel terrible for the women who had to life through it and the women who even said the people who die in war are the lucky ones. It really hurts me that they feel this way because they are doing a great thing for our country and some not coming back to a normal life is very sad and needs to be recognized more by our country.

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