Eassy 62 (The Private war of Women Soldiers)

April 12, 2012 § 1 Comment

While reading the private war of women soldiers I was immediately shocked about this issue. Why have we never really herd of this problem women soldiers are facing? Why, because if they were to tell anyone they would just get told to suck it up because the one they probably were telling were guilty for sexually assaulting a women as well.  It was a women’s word vs. mans word and women were in the minority in this situation.

            It was said in this chapter that it is hard to see if rape during war is increasing or decreasing or whether there are more or less people reporting it happening.  Yet these women still have to return home after war not suffering from the effect of war but the effect of being raped. Often times killing themselves and or being emotionally numb to relate to their families and children.

            I understand that men and women during war are away from there loved ones for along time but is rape the answer to your problems. Why is it that men are treating their women coworkers as a victim as well? Why are these male soldiers treating the enemy in such a degrading way? Is it necessary for them to make them masturbate in front of them and walk around naked? Is the power going straight to these men’s heads?


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  • singh0321 says:

    I must say that I too was very shocked when I read this essay. I think most people are aware that the military does have a history of sexual misconduct against women but I don’t think people understand how serious of an issue it has become. I remember back in high school one of my friends from South Korea told me that many people look down upon the US military in South Korea because there are apparently many soldiers that rape South Korean women. I quick google search confirmed her statements after I glanced over several different incidents where US soldiers were charged of rape.

    The most shocking thing I read in this essay had to be when the three female soldiers died from dehydration because they were too afraid to go down the hall where the bathrooms and water supply were located because they thought they would be raped. Can you just imagine living in that constant fear? It seems as if women in the military are always in combat, whether it be against the insurgents out of the base or American men in the base. While men are clearly at fault for these improper actions, I believe the Department of Defense has clearly not taken proper actions to end sexual advancements against women in the military. Making the website was a good idea and a good start but if they don’t investigate and actually persecute those who commit these crimes, then they really haven’t done anything. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, men and women can collaborate with one another and put pressure on the Department of Defense into making some real changes so women can feel safer serving in the military.

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