Military violence and women.

April 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

After having a discussion with my group today, I believe that we came up with a few good points. One of the first points we made was about how the military is a “masculine” institution. After all, when I think of the military at least, I think of war, I think of weapons, violence, power, strength, etc. With the gender constructs that we have this day and all, these are all items that we immediately think man. Just with that idea right there, that automatically gives you the idea of the disadvantages that women face. We all know that the gender role of women is thought to be the dainty ones, the pretty ones, the ones who stay at home with the kids, not the ones that fight in war and keep our country safe.

Another point we brought up was the high rate at which women in the military are raped. According to The Guardian, article found at, “a female soldier in Iraq is more likely to be attacked by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire.” Just by reading this sentence over and over again, I begin to wonder how is this possible. But not only that, but why is this going on? Why is it allowed to go on? Why is no one in the military attempting to put a stop to this? Maybe they are, but seeing that this article was only written in December, and this most likely has been going on for a long time, they don’t seem to be working hard enough.



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