Essay 62

April 11, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’ve heard about the shocking number of incidences of sexual harassment and assault of female soldiers by their male counterparts before. What strikes me about the situation of these women is the helplessness they must feel. I know it is difficult for civilian women to report assault and rape, but it is even more difficult for these women. This essay points to inaction as the biggest roadblock to stopping the abuse. While I think the typical ideals of masculinity and femininity do play a role in facilitating the type of environment where this happens, reform is what would really help.

It’s not just that the military needs to address the issue. The structure of command itself must be changed, especially in the case of “command rapes.” It’s difficult for me to see what civilians could do to raise awareness of the issue in order to find a solution. I can remember a few cases making it to mainstream media, but ultimately I think this problem has gone under the radar.

§ One Response to Essay 62

  • smschutt says:

    I agree with you, this problem has been under the radar. This is the first time I have herd or even read about this issue. The fact that women are already risking there lives for our country just to be overseas fight in a war but having to worry about being attacked by there coworkers is obscene. Time and time again we hear that war makes a person go crazy by seeing someone die and even killing someone, but that isn’t an excuse to rape or harm someone for your sexual pleasure.

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