Essay 57

April 5, 2012 § 1 Comment

During our discussion today, I really liked what Professor David said about parents having the ability to talk to their children about what they see on TV. Although the essay focused on the connection between seeing violence/being a victim of it and becoming a perpetrator of violence, the effects of depictions of violence in the media were mentioned as well. I do agree that the former probably has a larger effect on girls than the latter, but our discussion today has sparked my interest in the role of the media.

Someone pointed out that video games in particular have become a scapegoat. I agree that blaming video games for violence among our youth is too reactionary. But, even if video games are not the cause, or the sole cause, shouldn’t we question why so many video games are violent? In the grand scheme of things, the right to bash someone’s pixilated head in on Grand Theft Auto doesn’t seem so important (I’m playing the devil’s advocate here a bit).

§ One Response to Essay 57

  • It’s not clear if video games are violent due to consumer demand, or if that is what companies think their audience will want to see. Overall, I would guess that video games can be a source of “blowing off some steam”, or an outlet. Acting out in video games can allow someone to express violent actions without consequences, ideally.

    Grand Theft Auto truly is the boss of violence in video games; from stealing cars, to beating hookers it is hard to top. I don’t think video games are the sole reason for people acting violently.

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