Violence, 9/11, and Poverty

April 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

I was thinking about the responses to the essay, “How Safe is America?”  I can certainly understand why people would have the response that they did about her perceived comparison of the violence of 9/11 to poverty.  However, I do not think her point is to compare the two, because I think like many in the class, they are not really comparable for many reasons.  What I thought was that she was making a comment on the types of violence Americans recognize and are willing to act on.  I think she means to say that America is good at pointing the finger elsewhere; they like to attribute violence, rights violations, and oppressions to other countries far away from here.  But what is dangerous is that many in the United States lack the capacity for self-reflection.  Americans are willing to rally around a type of violence perpetrated against civilians, but they do not see that there are plenty of violence within the United States that are not paid attention to.  I think what she was trying to do was to raise the question as to what we, as Americans, perceive as violence and what we are willing to pay attention to.


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