Is desensitization a good thing?

April 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

Going along with our discussion today, there were still a few things that I would like to say. Firstly, I will go along with our essay today. Most of the girls in juvi that she interviewed have had pasts where abuse was there. Whether it was physical, sexual, etc. While to me it does make sense about how these girls did not know how to cope with their past, or that’s all they knew, so they lashed out. But I wonder about the others. How many girls are out there that have experienced this in the past and how many of them are living “normal” lives? And how many of them are lashing out against themselves? After all, I grew up in a verbally abusive home, and instead of lashing out towards others, I instead attacked myself and began self mutilation at a young age. I am just curious about the numbers really and what sort of affects abuse has besides for the obvious.

Now for our discussion on desensitization. I’m aware that I am desensitized. It probably was from a combination of horror movies and violent video games, but a good source is probably from If you haven’t been there, and you have a weak heart/stomach, don’t go there. Anyways, I am not really sure if this is even an issue for me though. For example, just today I got critiques back on a short story I wrote and well, part of it was pretty gruesome. Many people commented about how horrifying this story was, and I just thought to myself “Why, I didn’t think it was this bad. I have written much worse before, and many times before.” My point is, until it is pointed out to me, I just don’t notice these things and I still don’t think of it too much of a problem.

Who knows. Maybe desensitization will help me if something violent/horrifying happens in my life. Obviously I cannot say for sure, but there is the possibility since gruesome things don’t seem to phase me anymore, that if something happens, I will be able to be calm and level headed and be able to get out of the situation. You never really know.


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