Desensitization in America

April 4, 2012 § Leave a comment

As we were talking this morning about the essay that was just read about violence, a lot of thoughts were thrown out into the open.  I thought that when the topic of desensitization came up it was very interesting.  I think that violence and aggression are so out in the open and publicly viewed by the media, that the general public is desensitized because it seems “normal”.  In saying “normal” I mean that aggression and violence these days is more prominent than it used to be.  It is more main stream and seen, where as years ago it was not all over the media and such an overlooked emotion.

America is desensitized because of all the violence induced media.  In essay 57 one part stuck out to me.  It read on page 543, “Studies have found that Saturday morning programming for children contains twenty to twenty-five violent acts per hour.”  Granted these acts are not gruesome or graphic but in the end they are violent which in turn desensitizes people at a young age.  From then on these children are less sensitive to violence and pain and this effect grows stronger as they get older.  Then when they are adults this violence does not even seem to phase them, although I do not think everyone is desensitized to the same extent.  It has to do with your environment and how you personally grew up.  I think other factors come into play when looking at how you view violence.  Not everyone is going to become a murderer from watching violent shows when they were younger but it could possibly provoke a child to think that violent acts are okay because they watched it on the television and perhaps they do not have parental supervision to tell them that it is not okay.


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