How Safe Is America?

April 1, 2012 § Leave a comment

I enjoyed that this essay addressed the fact that the “American dream” is a myth. Various authors have wrote about this, but I feel that it still hasn’t sunken in for everyone. Otherwise we would see people calling BS when politicians and other figures mention the “American dream.”

What’s mythical about the “American dream” is that it is only available for a select few. The myth posits that anyone who works hard can have it all, but we know this is not true. This essay also juxtaposes this issue with the September 11 attacks. But this is just one instance in American history where war has divided Americans instead of uniting them, or rather bringing divisions that were already there to light.

Take the Vietnam war for example. Back then, there was an uproar because Senator’s sons could get out of the draft. There was even a popular song about it, CCR’s “Fortunate Son.”


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