Americans Dirty Work

March 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

Before our visit to the Black Cultural Center I never would have guessed in a million years that Human Trafficking was still a current problem, and before a few days ago I wasn’t ever really sure what human trafficking even was.  After listening to the story of how he got to America and what he endured on his way is heart breaking that our fellow Americans and Humans would treat someone like that. The fact that humans are harboring other humans in there houses paying them only dollars a day and brain washing them into thinking that the real world outside the house is much worse than what they have it inside, how can people do that to other humans.

This global issue to me seems to be put on the back burn as unimportant, we are not publicly talking about the issue and informing Americans about this. Little do we know, our neighbors could be harboring trafficked humans, or better yet the woman that does our nails at our local saloon could be trapped? I think the issue about emigration and Human trafficking she be taught to our youth. We need to be aware of the things happening around us. More times than not human trafficking seems to be a detrimental life style.


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  • AmandaManbear says:

    What really concerns me about the presentation on Monday, is the way immigrants, particularly Hispanic immigrants are vilified by the media. None of the focus or blame is on the traders and traffickers themselves, and I think these are the worst offenses. Especially American citizens who are keeping workers captive.

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