Confessions of a Cage Fighter

March 15, 2012 § 1 Comment

I remember reading this essay a year or so ago, and I found it to be a very engaging piece on cage fighting, Christianity, and manhood. It’s called

The Confessions of a Cage Fighter: Masculinity, Misogyny, and the Fear of Losing Control

It reminded me of the conversation we had in class last week. 

What are your thoughts? 

Prof. David


§ One Response to Confessions of a Cage Fighter

  • It’s difficult to gauge the author’s own position on the subject. He seems to condemn the proponents of Christian cage-fighting for their ignorance, but at the same time plays Devil’s advocate (ironically enough) and allows as how participating in cage-fighting can make one a better Christian man.

    In Christianity, at least as far as I’ve heard, the man is the head of the family in the same way as Christ is the head of the Church, and the relationship between a wife and husband is supposed to mirror that of the Church and Christ as well. But since Christ sacrificed himself for the Church, Mark Driscoll’s idea of a violent, heavy-handed, domineering masculinity is at odds with that arrangement advocated by the Bible.

    Matt Morin seems to make a similar point, albeit in a roundabout way, and this self-sacrificing, rule-observing, dependent, cooperative depiction of the masculinity of cage-fighters belies the superficially brutal appearance which has seduced Mark Driscoll and others. From the readings we discussed in class about contemporary American perceptions of masculinity, it appears that Mark Driscoll, in his advocacy of masculine violence and dominion, is legitimizing stereotypical cultural perceptions of what it means to be a “real man”.

    It’s funny, though, that woven into this hyper-“masculine” ideology is a thick thread of homoeroticism. From Mark Driscoll’s man-on-man cage-fighting to the locker room sex talk and jokes, to the sexual hazing and humiliation which takes place in fraternities and on sports teams, etc., it appears that inherent in the very activities which reinforce one’s “masculinity” there are, paradoxically, elements which emphatically contradict that self-same gender construction.

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