Taking it

March 4, 2012 § 1 Comment

At times we often forget that men have issues with gender as well as women. Our focus is constantly on the movements of women that we forget that the patriarchal system affects not just women but men as well. this essay  was very touching in the fact that this was a man that was going through a laming disease but still felt obligated and pushed to be a “man”. What is “being a man” really mean?

Leonard Kriegel happened to think that the definition of “being a man” was to be strong, have no feelings, not let anything get you down. I know at times in a relationship if the guy is showing to much feelings I will tell him to “man up” so I definitely can agree with his definition but I feel that Leonard could have been given a pass. Not only was he an immigrant trying to be “American” but he also had polio. What is so wrong with a man being sensitive and acknowledging that he is not the same. No he has to be just as “manly” as the rest or else he will not be tough. I think fighting of polio was being tough.

§ One Response to Taking it

  • bh143kh says:

    I agree with the fact that we often fail to see that men also have issues with gender. I feel like there are so many social movements for women and barely any for men. Maybe part of the reason for that is because of the idea that men, especially white men, are seen has superior to others and therefore viewed as not having these types of issues. But this doesn’t change the fact that these issues exist.

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