Gender Reconstruction

March 4, 2012 § 3 Comments

Before reading this essay I definitely only thought that the modification of genitalia only happened in places other than America. The only time I had heard about modifying genitalia was when African tribes would do it to their girls who started puberty. In fact while I was in high school I was curious about the subject and began to Google for more information. In all the articles that Google had, I never once saw something that happened in the United States.

I always had issues with the modification process and did not particular agree with it, however in the case of the tribes and their practice of it for their belief I had to forget about my bias and respect that. In the case of gender reconstructive surgery being performed on babies and young children because of aesthetic purposes or peace of mind, I totally disagree.

Another thing that was talked about in class that I never really paid much attention to was the fact that male circumcision is apart of the same category of modification. I always figured that it was just something that was done and did not assume that it was also for aesthetic purposes.


§ 3 Responses to Gender Reconstruction

  • bh143kh says:

    I agree with you here. I knew this happened outside of the U.S. but had no idea it happens here. It’s disgusting to me that parents can’t accept their child entirely for who he/she is and feel like they can alter their child’s body to fit their desires with little concern to how it will impact the child later in life, physically and emotionally. I had also never thought about the fact that circumcision is done for the same reasons. It just happens so regularly that no one really thinks about it as being an issue or doing any harm when in fact it does. The U.S. is notorious for being viewed by others as a free and liberated country, but I feel like that’s only the case because issues like these are often kept quiet.

  • nurumu says:

    Why do you think the US conceals this and so many other topics? Is it because she’s afraid of chaos? Before reading this essay, I wasn’t aware of gender reconstruction at that level, so I never researched on the topic or had any interest in it. The fact that you actually went looking for answers and found nothing about it here in the US says a lot and definitely gives food for thought.

    • futurepublicist2013 says:

      Yes it is because in most other areas of the world gender reconstruction is a tradition, a rite of passage, so it is not hidden at all. Even the complications and downfalls are very clearly known. It definitely has something to say about how the US really feels. Why would the US hide it if it was something that was looked at as good.

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