On the topic of genital mutilation and circumcisions

February 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

In one of my other classes, we were discussing gender ambiguity and ended up on the topic of circumcision. We watched this video about a man who had a botched circumcision when he was a baby. His parents as well as John Money, who was mentioned in Martha Coventry’s essay, made the decision to turn him into a female because they thought it would make him more “normal”. The video discusses the life of the boy and how he never felt like a girl and at age 14 made the decision to transition into a boy. Little did he know his parents had been keeping this giant secret from him his whole life and because of what happened he was now a very psychologically confused boy. As he got older, he got more confused and unhappy and eventually committed suicide.

Anyway, here’s the video if you’d like to see for yourself.


§ 2 Responses to On the topic of genital mutilation and circumcisions

  • akugler says:

    Thanks for sharing the video. I don’t think doctors realize, or they don’t care, just how much of an impact they are making on a human being. They are not just “fixing” their physical exterior. There is so much more to a person and their up-make. A person feels lost and confused and then to find out that they have lived their whole life in a lie. I wish more people knew of the true affects and just how serious this topic is. Our society needs to make changes and to start with acceptance.

  • rachaelma0607 says:

    Thank you for posting this video. Until this class, I had never knew that gender and sex can have such powerful influences on a person and even bring some to their death. Doctors often neglect to see past just the biological and think that just because something is functioning correctly, there is nothing wrong. However continuous research shows that the psychological and the biological go hand in hand. They cannot undo the psychological damage the child goes through going through already difficult stages of identity search but also finding out they lost the most essential make up that determines who they are. They are literally thrown into a category of the “in between” and deemed as outcasts for being something they never chose to be in the first place.

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