The tyranny of the Esthetics:

February 23, 2012 § 1 Comment

For me reading about genital correction it was very new to me. I had never herd of such a problem or even a surgery about this. I was disturbed reading this article how could a parent even chose to do this to there child when they know the effects it could have on there child. It is sad to read, “How it is easy to poke a hole rather than build a pole”; actually it really pissed me of more than anything. Why do we always try to conform to this perfect that doesn’t even really exist. So someone is a little different, is it worth the emotional and physical scaring they will now face for the rest of their lives.

I understand it may be easier to take care of a double genital situation at an early age, but how do you know if you child is a male or a female. Yes there is testing, but is that the correct answer. Shouldn’t we let this be a rare but magnificent opportunity, the choice to be either male or female? The child already has to suffer enough from being different from most people. I feel this issue needs to be more publicly known because these uneducated parents are making decisions for their child because they want them to look normal not because it is what best for the child. Does it ever cross the parents mind that there child we never be able to experience sexual pleasure because they just wanted there child to look normal but now they will never feel normal.


§ One Response to The tyranny of the Esthetics:

  • singh0321 says:

    This was also the first time I have read about genital correction. I’m still not 100% clear as to what all genital correction entails but I can say that I do not agree with altering the genitalia of a person to the opposite sex. I just find that weird. However, if the child for example is a female and she has some sort of abnormality, is it really wrong to have genital correction? In many ways, isn’t it like a cosmetic surgery? Also, we shouldn’t hold such strong positions about the issue because none of us are urologists and understand the situation to the fullest extent. Just because Martha Coventry says something in a book doesn’t mean it’s true. You said that if parents allow surgery on their children, they are allowing the child to experience emotional and physical scaring. I would argue that the same would be true if the child doesn’t have the surgery because society will most likely not accept a child with atypical genitals. I’m still very unfamiliar with the topic and I can see both sides of the argument. Hopefully in class Dr. David will clear up the issue and we can continue discussion there.

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