The Tyranny of the Esthetic

February 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

I first learned about genital correction in psychology a few years back. It was taught in this course because it was not just  a physical change to a child’s body, it was an emotional and psychological roller coaster. The stories in this chapter were much like the ones I had read before. Uneducated parents going along with whatever the doctors said would make their child more acceptable to society.

When a child takes a sex education course, they learn of males and females which strictly resemble each other. If a child’s genitals resembles anything but normal, it is called a “psychosocial emergency.” Tests are performed to see what sex they resemble more and are made into that sex, regardless of that child’s future gender. One surgeon said, “it’s easier to poke a hole, than build a pole,” regarding choosing a sex for a child. As if this were like choosing ketchup or mayonaise for his sandwich one day; choosing ketchup because he did not have to dirty a knife. This issue is huge and should be taken way more seriously. I think it starts by educating people. The essay states that  there has not been research done on patients who had these surgeries to see if they were successful and made the child feel more comfortable or not. One lady speaks out that she highly doubts that anyone could feel more comfortable in their skin after someone had recreated it. She says it is nothing short of mutilation and i agree.

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